Woldeab Woldemariam

“Up to now, I have never served nor become a messenger for any foreign power or interest. I am an enemy to any kind of slavery, in all its shapes and colors. No man, be he European or African, can force me into the yoke of any kind of bondage. If there be someone who dares to attempt my assassination in order to force me to submit to doing things contrary to my feeling and will, then I also have in me the courage to die for my political beliefs, for the cause of liberty of my country, and for the genuine interest of my brothers and sisters.” ~ Woldeab Woldemariam

Woldeab Woldemariam is one of the original advocates of the Eritrean independence movement and is considered the father of Eritrea. He was subjected to seven assassination attempts between 1947 and 1953. This is an excerpt from his book “Hanti Eritrea” which roughly translates to “One Eritrea”  (88). 1951-08-22

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  1. Woldeab Woldemariam is an Ethiopian Tigrayan from Axum.

  2. As an Eritrean, I neither know nor have I read Woldeab Woldemaiam book but I find it hard to believe that an Ethiopian Tigrayan would write a book entitled Hanti Eritrea.

  3. Though WW was a Tigrayan by birth, he was an Eritrean by deed. He advocated for Eritrean independence as if it were his own; he was proud to see it come to pass! I have always loved this quote!

  4. Do we really have to say this is Eritrean Or Tigraway Oh Shame on Us eritreans.

  5. Had this journalist been living in this era, he would have been rotting in one of those horrific prison cells of Eritrea under this savage dictatorship.

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful quote from abona Woldeab Woldemariam. It somehow reminds me of Madiba. Who cares whether the freedom fighter Woldeab Woldemariam is of Tigrayan orgin. His life is a testament to his commitment and leadership in the quest for Eritrean independence.
    Eritreans and Ethiopians have more in common than what divides them. Let’s build bridges and eliminate the need to check bloodlines and ethnic heritage of folks that have given up their lives for the cause of justice and peace.

  7. Well said Amanuel Melles. The man stood for what he believed, he was indeed one of the original advocates for peace and independence of Eritrea. He was born in Eritrea and died in the land he called home through out his entire life time. I think it is wrong to say one is Eritrean, Ethiopian or any other when his own legacy says it all. Salem thanks for sharing the words of wisdom.

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