Pitching Stories

We want to expand the editorial content we publish on Africa Talks with more voices from African journalists. If you’d like to write for us, please review our mission and submission guidelines.


The world doesn’t know enough about Africa.

News coverage of the continent, its 1 billion inhabitants and the African diaspora remains in short supply. Too often, the stories about Africa that do gain traction rely on clichés and reinforce old and tired stereotypes.

This lack of balanced, inclusive coverage ignores a simple reality: There’s a need to learn about what’s happening across the world’s second most populous continent. Today, Africa is experiencing growing economies and influence, humanitarian crises and, as medical advances bear fruit, an unprecedented youth bulge.

Africa Talks creates space for thoughtful and nuanced coverage of stories across the continent. We provide an international audience with accurate, in-depth news, commentary and analysis on important stories unfolding in countries within Africa and its global diaspora.

We also aim to empower African journalists with a platform where they can own their narratives by writing one story at a time. Our online training project, AT E-Learning, provides African journalists with resources and support to hone their craft continually.


We publish content with several audiences in mind:

  1. The global African diaspora
  2. Niche audiences outside Africa, including academics, activists and policy makers
  3. General audiences outside Africa
  4. News audiences within Africa


We value contributions from African journalists, writers and academics.

Stories can be specific to a country or region, or address issues that affect the entire continent.

We prefer features, news stories tied to ongoing issues, explainers and backgrounders from insiders tracking events on-the-ground.

We publish in a variety of formats: short and long form stories, Q&As, quizzes and interactive graphics.

We aspire to provide a comprehensive picture of Africa and welcome stories about politics, culture, business, technology and more.

If you’d like to contribute to Africa Talks, send pitches and links to clips to feedback@africa-talks.com.


Here are a few of the topic areas suitable for Africa Talks:

  • Social issues
  • Culture and entertainment
  • Politics and governance
  • Business
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Healthcare