Ethiopians Demand Answers Following Landslide

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When Werknesh returned to her home of 30 years last Saturday night, it was buried beneath a landslide of garbage. Her pregnant daughter and three grandchildren were dead, victims of a landslide at Addis Ababa’s largest dump.

Perilous Journeys

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Imagine if your home became unlivable. If your government targeted you because of your beliefs. If war broke out and your neighborhood were caught in the crossfire. If severe droughts threatened your ability to feed your family. Would you stay put and hope for better times? Or risk everything for an uncertain future in a… Read more »

African Journalists See Great Value in Training, Especially When It’s Delivered Online

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African journalists want more training, and they want to receive it online. That’s the key takeaway from our survey of nearly 1,100 journalists working across the continent. On May 25, we’ll begin sharing detailed results from our study at eLearning Africa 2016, an annual education and technology conference. We’ll focus on responses from small newsrooms… Read more »

Why Journalists Should Treat Nonprofits, U.N. Agencies and NGOs with Greater Skepticism

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In a recent story, we argue for greater scrutiny of the figures that nonprofits, NGOs and the U.N. produce. We use a specific statistic from the UNHCR — the claim that 5,000 Eritreans leave the country each month — to illustrate our point. Over the past seven months, we compiled articles that highlighted the… Read more »