Why Journalists Should Treat Nonprofits, U.N. Agencies and NGOs with Greater Skepticism

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In a recent Poynter.org story, we argue for greater scrutiny of the figures that nonprofits, NGOs and the U.N. produce. We use a specific statistic from the UNHCR — the claim that 5,000 Eritreans leave the country each month — to illustrate our point. Over the past seven months, we compiled articles that highlighted the… Read more »

Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa

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Walking through an exhibition of West African Senufo art, one piece stopped me dead in my tracks. A featureless, three-foot clay figure stood slightly slouched. On its head sat an upside-down triangle resembling a tiny burlap bag. Hornbill feathers jutted upward. A plaque next to the figurine read kafigeledjo: “tell the truth.” The use of… Read more »