Moving Forward: The Role of the International Criminal Court in Africa

Fatou B. Bensouda : International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor at The Hague in Geneva, Switzerland. Image- ICC

 Africa on the Agenda: Conference on World Affairs in St. Petersburg Initiated by Douglas McElhaney, a former ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2004 to 2007, and hosted at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, the first annual St Petersburg in the World Conference was held from March 28 to …

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Sudan: Ten Years After the World Woke Up to Darfur, What has Changed? Africa Talks Interviews Ahmed H. Adam

Ahmed H. Adam

Africa Talks: A conversation with Ahmed Hussein Adam  In a phone interview, Africa Talks caught up with Ahmed H. Adam, a visiting scholar at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. To learn more about Ahmed H. Adam, you can click here. Here’s a brief biography adapted from information …

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New Secretary, Same Ole’ Game? What Will Kerry’s Foreign Policy Bring To Africa?

Kerry Sudan

It’s one thing when politicians talk blithely of the consequences of war and another to hear it from someone who has been in a combat position. If there is any politician who is aware of the cost of war, it is John Kerry. During the Vietnam War, he had shrapnel pierce his left arm and left leg and …

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Africa Talks on Al Jazeera: Critical Overview of Current Developments in Eritrea

Eritrea - Asmara

I  was fortunate enough to talk to Al Jazeera today and I tried to give critical overview of current developments in Eritrea. Since it was short notice and I didn’t have enough time and preparation to fit all my notes during live interview, I have decided to post the video and a couple of …

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The Case Against Susan Rice: Enamored with Africa’s Dictatorships

US Perm Rep at SC stakeout

As the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Susan Rice read a eulogy she prepared on the occasion of the death of Meles Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia, she called him a “tough, unsentimental and sometimes unyielding,” leader. She went on to describe how he demeaned people who disagreed with him …

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Interview with Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim

Interview with a former presidential candidate Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim, professor emeritus of the University of Missouri. The interview is about Dr. Ibrahim’s experience during the recent Sudanese election and what he thinks would be the outcome and the fallout of the upcoming referendum.

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