Perilous Journeys: Exploring the Real Factors of Migration

Imagine if your home became unlivable. If your government targeted you because of your beliefs. If war broke out and your neighborhood were caught in the crossfire. If severe droughts threatened your ability to feed your family. Would you stay put and hope for better times? Or risk everything for an uncertain future in a foreign land?

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. & talk about the online training project in the latest issue of @happeningtz.

We're looking at how term limits and press freedoms relate across Africa. This might be of interest:

For migrants & refugees contemplating a treacherous journey across the Mediterranean, the stakes couldn't be higher:

We've been looking into the connection between term limits and press freedom in Africa:

Thanks to all the journalists who have taken our survey. It's not too late to add your voice:

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What would you do if your home became unlivable? Step into the shoes of a potential migrant and find out.

So sorry to keep you waiting. We're reviewing submissions and will be in touch soon.

Thanks to for the interview, and check out her blog to know what's happening in Dar es Salaam: .

Great video and important message. Regarding women presidents, we identified 9 for our quiz:

Young Africans, Wrapped in Tradition

And this chart shows length of presidents' time in office across

May 23, 2016
African Journalists See Great Value in Training, Especially When It’s Delivered Online

African Journalists See Great Value in Training, Especially When It’s Delivered Online

African journalists want more training, and they want to receive it online. That’s the key takeaway from our survey of nearly 1,100 journalists working across the continent. On May 25, we’ll begin sharing detailed results from our study at eLearning Africa 2016, an annual education and technology conference. We’ll focus on responses from small newsrooms... Read more »

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