A Growing Case of Shooting the Messenger

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You’ve come across this. I’m sure of it. Imagine watching an important speech about something groundbreaking and getting interrupted by an annoying comment about what the speaker is wearing instead of what he is saying. If you’re an active social media user like I am, you probably have seen what I call the “snark bombers”… Read more »

World Bank Group’s New Approach

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Ian Solomon

“I am a socialist and I take part in the ‘Occupy Tampa’ movement” said one of the students opening the first question at an event sponsored by the USF World, at the University of South Florida’s International Program in Tampa, Florida. The question was directed at the Executive Director of the World Bank Group, Ian Solomon,… Read more »

A Melancholic Day

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Press in Africa

On World Press Freedom day, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released its annual list of the best and worst countries as it relates to press freedom. The usual suspects, Eritrea and Equatorial Guinea, were singled out in a list of the 10 worst countries for censorship. Many other African countries received failing marks. Since, in most cases, national security… Read more »

Eritrean Culture on Trial: Assimilation Gone Awry

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Kunama Dancers

As a former Missourian and an Eritrean immigrant, I was heartbroken when I came across the April 15th St. Louis Post Dispatch front page story detailing the statutory rape case against an Eritrean immigrant in St. Louis who impregnated a 12-year-old. As I scanned through the story, I spotted several ambiguous parts which begged for perspective…. Read more »

Mutiny Within a Blink of an Eye Or A Ticking Time Bomb?

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In the past two months, West Africa has witnessed an unprecedented security threat as several governments were caught in the grips of coups or attempted coups. As Guinea-Bissau soldiers arrest the nation’s Prime minister over a suspected coup, Mali’s new interim civilian president got sworn into office last Thursday, after a 27 days long coup that has puzzled… Read more »

Rising from the Ashes: Rwanda Celebrates the 18th Anniversary of the Genocide

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Skulls of Rwandan Victims

In 2010, Rwanda held an election which came under scrutiny for a media crackdown and the arrest of some opposition candidates. For incumbent, Paul Kagame, however, it was an undoubtable win with an overwhelming 93 percent of the votes. Shortly after that, concerned about the treatment of the media in Rwanda, I met professor Rangira Gallimore, an… Read more »

Kony 2012, the Sequel: Get Your Snark Shooters Ready

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kony 2012

I’m all for Africans solving their own problems. It has a nice ring to it. “African solutions to African problems.” But what does this self-reliance mean when it relates to violent, murderous lunatics such as Joseph Kony? Obviously, the fact that he has been operating in four different countries–the Central African Republic, Uganda, Democratic Republic… Read more »

Democracy in Africa: Not Always as Gloomy

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Macky Sall- Senegal New President

Senegal’s New President Despite a notion that Africa continues to be the continent where autocratic regimes forcefully replace each other through bloody warfare, in the past two decades, according to the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, there is a significant increase in the number of democratic countries in the continent. Sure, there are setbacks in… Read more »

Interview with Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim

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professor emeritus of the University of Missouri.


Interview with a former presidential candidate Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim, professor emeritus of the University of Missouri. The interview is about Dr. Ibrahim’s experience during the recent Sudanese election and what he thinks would be the outcome and the fallout of the upcoming referendum.